Thesaurus of Rock and Soil Mechanics Terms

"The thesaurus was originally compiled by J P Jenkins of the Rock Mechanics Information Service in 1976-1977. Since then it has been used and developed primarily for internal use. With the public availability of the Geomechanics Abstracts data base (GMA) on the Pergamon-InfoLine on-line system, the thesaurus is being published as an aid to users of GMA. The thesaurus derives in style principally from the Thesaurus of Engineering and Scientific Terms. Other publications consulted include CSIR Rock Mechanics Thesaurus, ASCE Soil Mechanics Thesaurus, US Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station Microthesaurus of Soil Mechanics Terms, Geodex Soil Mechanics Thesaurus, Canada Mines Branch Mining Thesaurus, and Geosystems' Geosaurus. (...) The thesaurus is a structured list of "controlled" terms (or keywords) used to index the material contained in the Geomechanics Abstracts data base. This data base contains bibliographic references to publications pertaining to the fields of rock and soil mechanics."

  • Thesaurus of Rock and Soil Mechanics Terms
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