A Proposed Taxonomy of Postsecondary Education Subject Matter Areas

"The development of the NCHEM taxonomy came about because of a need for standardized and comprehensive structures for cataloging and organizing information on the multitude of instructional programs and activities presently functioning in the various levels and sectors of education. Although considerable effort has gone into the development of the NCHEMS postsecondary education

subject matter taxonomy, the final result is not entirely satisfactory. This is due in part to inadequacies in the foundations upon which the proposed taxonomy has been based (that is, two existing taxonomies, both of which have internal inconsistencies) and in part to the restriction of the taxonomy to a four-digit coding structure. This proposed taxonomy has not attempted to resolve these issues but does seek to lay out issues and alternatives for consideration by others who may be concerned with the development of subject matter taxonomies."

  • A Proposed Taxonomy of Postsecondary Education Subject Matter Areas
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